Our Services

We are the longest established taxi company in the town and currently have a fleet of over 80 cars. All of our drivers are full-time taxi drivers and rely solely on the local trade to make their living. That is why we are so committed to assisting the community as well as local businesses.

Our vehicles range from saloon cars seating four people through to the newest traditional hackney – the TXII – which can seat five. We also have a number of brand new Peugeot E7 models which can seat six. Both the hackney and the E7 are purpose built to accommodate those who require wheelchair access.

Our Commitment

As a customer, you are our utmost priority. We operate a system that puts you first. Every pre-booking travelling either in or out of town is pre-allocated by our controller to a dedicated driver. This ensures that no-one should be left standing wondering when their car is going to arrive.

Our Vehicles

We presently have a fleet of over seventy cars ranging from saloon type cars for up to four passengers, to the traditional hackney cab which of course as you know can seat five. New additions to our fleet include the new Peugeot E7 models which are able to seat six passengers. Both the hackney cab and the E7 are purpose built to accommodate those passengers requiring wheelchair access vehicles.

Our Drivers

To work with our company, all of our taxi drivers are required to have successfully completed a stringent route test examination set by South Lanarkshire Council. In addition to that, there are also thorough police checks carried out before any taxi licence is issued. Each taxi driver is also required to complete a course run by South Lanarkshire Council on Customer Disability and Awareness.

Almost 50% of our drivers have been approved by Disclosure Scotland and hold a current PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme Record. This certification is essential to allow the driver to carry out school/social work contracts.

Our System

The control and despatch system used by our company incorporates the latest technology in both our office and our vehicles. We have facilities such as:

  • Free Ring-Back and Text-Back Service to alert the customer that their car has arrived. The Text-Back service can also be used to confirm advanced booking details.
  • an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that automatically recognises your address and sends your car without the need to speak to an operator.
  • A new revolutionary internet booking system, I-booking. (Account customers only) This is a new system which lets you make your own bookings via a secure server without the need for phone calls or typing endless fax sheets. Your bookings are transferred into our system the instant they are made. Default booking screens can be set to suit your individual requirements and your receptionist need only type in a name and destination to make a booking.
  • Prepayment by credit/debit card.


Every one of our vehicles is fitted with an approved calibrated meter which has been tested and sealed by South Lanarkshire Council. We don’t operate fare cards or GPS “fare calculators”. We prefer that our customers should see exactly what they are being charged, safe in the knowledge that the fare meets with the approval of our local licensing authority. We are able to offer our account customers fixed prices for regular journeys.